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How to Clean and Maintain Your Espresso Machine

Scale refers to a concentrated buildup of minerals, like lime, inside your espresso maker. The buildup can affect the function of your machine particularly the boiler, along with the taste of your coffee.

To properly maintain your espresso machine especially if you live in an area with hard water, you will need to descale your espresso maker anywhere from once a month to annually. This depends on the hardness of your water, how often you use your machine and how often water is allowed to sit in the machine for lengthy periods of time.

To learn how to descale your espresso machine keep reading.

Cool Down the Machine

First, turn off the. Explore artice writer ryan long's pages on SITE TOPIC GOES HERE http://bestespressomachinereviewshq.com/nespresso-essenza-c101-review or http://bestespressomachinereviewshq.commachine and allow it to cool down completely. A hot machine can be dangerous and can reduce the efficacy of the descaling solution.

Combine Lemon and Water

While some users recommend using vinegar, it's generally not good for the mechanics and interior of your coffee machine You can make your own citric solution with lemon and water or purchase a commercial descaling solution that's specifically designed for use with espresso machines.

Popular commercial brands include Durgol, Saeco, and CLR. Most high-end espresso machine manufacturers will also sell their own brand or a http://bestespressomachinereviewshq.com/nespresso-pixie-review recommended brand of decalcifying or descaling solutions.

Run the Machine

First, put your descaling solution into the machine's water reservoir. Then, turn on your espresso maker and pump water through your steam nozzle for about 15 to 30 seconds. Afterward, turn the machine off.

Now, you should have a cold machine with descaling solution in all the parts of it that run and hold water. Wait about 10 minutes and allow the scale to dissolve. Once you're done, turn the machine on and pump the water through again for 30 to 90 seconds, and then turn off the machine


Repeat the above steps about 5 times. Those that want to have added statistics concerning SITE TOPIC GOES HERE ; drop by and see http://bestespressomachinereviewshq.com/delonghi-ec155-espresso-maker-review and / or http://bestespressomachinereviewshq.com/nespresso-citiz-d120-review immediately.
This process should take you an hour to an hour and a half.

Clean out the Machine

Unfortunately, descaling solution can leave a bitter and unpleasant taste in your espresso machine To get rid of this solution residue, rinse out your water reservoir and refill it. Run the clean water through the machine and repeat this step two to three times.

Make a Pot of Coffee

First, make one pot of coffee or shot of espresso and throw it out. This step will remove the descaling solution from inside.

Finally, make a pot or shot for yourself and enjoy the fresh taste!

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